Space Station Silicon Valley

The first thing that needs to be noted about this game is that it makes it seem like Mario 64 has aged well. While it does feel unpolished, and definitely doesn’t handle the N64’s texture cache limitations very well, SSSV is definitely worth your time.

The first outstanding thing about the game is its concept. You play as the sole-remaining micro-chip of a robot whose mission, along with your aging companion, Danger Dan, is to explain the disappearance of a Professor on a planet-like space station.

You have the ability to attach yourself to the cybernetically-ev0lved fauna of the space station, and control their minds. In this way you can exploit the many and varied special abilities of these cyborg animals.

There sheep that can float, which you can use to achieve impossible jumps. Rats that lay explosive turds, dogs with rocket-launchers, mice that can achieve Formula One-like speeds… There’s a lot of imagination in this game.


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