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Sonic Dimensions

There’s been a bit of noice over at retrocollect about the new Sonic Adventure-esque fan-made game Sonic Dimensions. The gameplay is more or less exactly the same as the old Adventure series, but it builds on the old platform, adding in a few more mechanics.


Beta Footage of Jet Force Gemini and Perfect Dark


Wii U Not Actually Underpowered?

Read all about the implications of the Wii U’s support for the Unity engine here.

The possibility of the Wii U being capable of DirectX 11 equivalent graphics surely has the CoD fans slightly interested?

Scrumble Ship

A recent indie game bundle sale (where you contribute whatever amount of economic value you see fit) put me onto quite an interesting indie project called Scrumble Ship. The idea behind the game is that it simulates the most realistic space combat possible. It has a kickstarter profile here, and a facebook profile here.

The concept is intriguing! For most purposes it seems like Minecraft set in space, but perhaps it could make use of some Star Trek-esque mechanics?

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Rare Fan Database

Where are the team that built Banjo Kazooie now?

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Unseen 64

You should check this site out!

Some links that might interest the reader include Ocarina of Time beta and prototype builds, and some early N64 tech demos.

There’s more trivia and obscure information about other consoles, too.

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Dinosaur Planet

The part of the content of the Rare game that was turned into the much maligned Star Fox Adventures has just been exposed!


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Blast Processing?

Some more highbrow discussion?

FFVII Remade In Little Big Planet 2

An article being passed around (see the original Kotaku article here, and the ScrewAttack reblog here)  reveals that someone has remade Final Fantasy VII using Little Big Planet 2. It can be a bit slow at times, but considering how difficult it is to use such a platform, it’s pretty cool.

Find the playlist here.


I’m not a fan of The Economist, but this is worth a read – crowd-sourced funding has seen Tim Schafer himself acquire funding for projects!